Improving gov’t productivity, efficiency: E-governance to cut red tape, corruption — Bong Go

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go reiterated and further endorsed the benefits of prioritizing the transition to e-governance platforms, saying that they will reduce red tape and corruption, and improve efficiency and productivity of government processes.

“Having a transparent, efficient and responsive delivery of government services is key to reducing corruption and empowering the people to exact accountability from public servants,” he emphasized.

Go explained that due to the electronic nature of e-governance, service delivery to citizens will be facilitated in a more timely, cost effective and efficient manner. Filipinos will also be empowered through better access to government information with less bureaucratic delays.

“Hindi lamang po malaki ang magiging papel ng e-governance na maka-adapt ang bansa sa pagdating ng ‘new normal’, mas mapapabilis din po nito ang mga proseso at transaksyon sa gobyerno towards a ‘better normal’ when it comes to government service delivery,” Go said.

“Dahil dito, mas magiging efficient ang paghahatid natin ng serbisyo sa mga tao at mas magiging komportable po ang kanilang mga pang-araw araw na transaksyon sa gobyerno,” he added.

According to Go, e-governance will help address issues such as red tape and corruption, brought about by a convoluted bureaucracy and the need for more transparency in government services.

“Kung may e-governance, mas magiging mabilis ang daloy ng proseso dahil sa paggamit natin ng makabagong teknolohiya. Maiiwasan din ang korapsyon dahil mas magiging transparent ang proseso at mababawasan ang face-to-face transactions,” Go mentioned.

“Bukod sa iniiwasan natin ang face-to-face transactions ngayon dahil COVID-19, mababawasan rin ang personal interaction na madalas nagiging sanhi ng red tape at korapsyon sa gobyerno,” he added.

Go said that through e-governance, he envisions a government that is fully transparent. “You will be able to know exactly how the entire process works. You would be able to know the officials who are handling your request, the total amount of time they are spending handling it, and what exactly they are doing—all in real time and in the comforts of their homes.”

Go also said that the public can more effectively demand accountability from negligent or erring public officials, especially those who handle the delivery of frontline public services.

“This, in the long run, will effectively deter public officials from corruption,” the Senator stressed.

In support of this endeavor, Go earlier said that he will file a bill mandating the transition of government transactions and processes into the digital sphere and further empowering the Department of Information and Communications Technology to take the lead in this initiative.

According to Go, the proposed measure will help the government mitigate the adverse impact of the pandemic on the lives of ordinary citizens through the use of ICT for a more efficient, cost-effective government system that is responsive and attuned to the changing times.

“Because of COVID-19, we need to evolve — businesses are already transitioning to E-commerce and online transactions. Our education system is also championing blended learning. It is important for the government as a whole to expedite its transition as well,” he said.

“May mga proseso sa gobyerno na pwedeng mas maisaayos gamit ang makabagong teknolohiya. Mas nakita po natin ito ngayon dahil sa COVID-19 crisis kung saan karamihan ng ating pang-araw araw na transaksyon ay kinailangang mag-evolve,’’ he added.

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